The aim of Marry Me store and its brand is to create the most excellent and top quality wedding gowns for every Bride. We make each model with passion and love in our production plant in Poland, so our partners in the country as well as in many European countries can share this collection throughout the Brides.
We also want to meet with all the expectations of these customers, who have their own bridal business or want to begin the experience with that kind of industry.
The collection, which is the main product in the store is the most crucial element in achieving a business success and will certainly contribute to satisfaction, while having and running the bridal store.

AS OUR PARTNERS, you will receive an extensive package of benefits and assistance. We will provide you with the practical information, that is necessary in the beginning as well as during the whole process of having your own wedding business. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO BE OUR PARTNERS, PLEASE COMPLETE THE INFORMATION BELOW AND OUR CONSULTANT WILL CONTACT YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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